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3D Print Shoes Coming Soon By Under Armour

By March 21, 2016 No Comments

An exciting development in the clothing world has been announced as Under Armour has announced that they will be consumer testing a pair of 3D printed shoes that are going to be released on a very limited basis. These shoes are going to be designed for the everyday athlete, and the brand wants to see how customers react to the design before making them a regularly produced item. The Under Armour Vice President Chris Lindgren made a statement that while many of their competitors like to talk about doing this kind of 3D printing for shoes, they are showing their endorsers and consumers that they like to get to business by doing it before anyone else. Only 96 of these Architech 3D shoes will be released, and depending on what people say on them will shape what happens with the style in the future.

3D Print Shoes 1Under Armour’s goal is to make a new shoe that accommodates athletes and active people who find themselves often switching shoes to work on their agility versus activities such as weight training. The new design will be a great wear for anyone participating in any kind of movement, whether it’s a strenuous sports of a leisure walk or run. The 3D printing is going to assist in making the heel section a durable, yet cushioned backing so that it doesn’t wear out on the user too much. Since they are specially printed, they will also perfectly fit the athlete’s feet which of course means that they will be more costly as well. However, to the serious fitness enthusiast or athlete it is going to be revolutionary in how they perform in their workouts.

The company also stated that after they get their initial feedback, they are going to look at their products and see what else can be customized for the consumers. There are ideas and speculations out there how the company is going to completely change the shoe industry, as it’s possible that something as technological as foot scans could be a way of customizing shoes and utilizing the 3D printers for retail purposes.

In any case it will be exciting to see what Under Armour finds from this test product, and in just a few years time people could be wearing shoes that do a whole lot more for them than they do now. It’s interesting to see what happens when technology and fitness combine to make such amazing items to help us better ourselves.

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